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4 Ways To Improve Your Confidence | SVPERHVMAN Ep. 003
31 Dec 2019
4 Ways To Improve Your Confidence | SVPERHVMAN Ep. 003
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11 Quick Ways to Get Over Failures

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Failure is always unpleasant; however, we can choose whether to get upset or benefit from it. What happens to you is one side of the story, how you react to it is the other, more important side. Bright Side found 11 positive sides of failure. All you have to do is use them to your advantage.

Failure can help you find yourself! A realist knows a change will do you good. For example, a ruined dress can help you start a career of a tailor. So when you face failure, smile at it and use it as a chance to find a new you!

Failure develops a sense of humor 0:29
Failure helps you accept yourself 1:23
Failure brings friends closer 2:08
Failure exercises the mind 2:42
Failure helps you find yourself 3:13
Failure brings experience 3:56
Failure inspires mastery of new things 4:20
Failure teaches you to manage your time and tasks better 4:59
Failure helps you prioritize 5:35
Failure introduces you to new people 6:20
Failure inspires new accomplishments 6:46

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- Failure is often the source for the best, funniest stories. If you aren’t naturally inclined to perceive failures with humor, use affirmations.
- Accepting not being able to impress others can be stressful. Try to meditate. Choose a technique that is right for you, and look inside yourself to calm your mind.
- Surround yourself with people that stimulate your mind. This will work as an “unconscious push.“ Install reminders of tasks on your phone — this is a ”conscious push" and will help you keep things under control.
- You can turn your favorite heels in your favorite flats instead of throwing them away when one heel is broken. This model will work in so many other cases.
- You have to accept that the only way to learn is from experience. Analyze your actions to avoid future failures.
- Sit down, turn your internal creativity button on and write down all the possible ways to reach the goal, even the most bizarre and fantastic ones. Analyze them, and choose the one that suits you best.
- Waiting for your toothache to become absolutely unbearable and only then visiting the dentist’s is not an efficient way of solving your problems. It will be much easier to fix your teeth if you do regular checkups with the dentist.
- You can’t win at everything. So the next time you fail at something (sorry, but it happens to all of us) try to accept it and learn to prioritize.
- Even if your friends don’t know a person who can help you in some matter, friends of friends might. You will find someone eventually!

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4 Ways To Improve Your Confidence | SVPERHVMAN Ep. 003
31 Dec 2019
4 Ways To Improve Your Confidence | SVPERHVMAN Ep. 003
Vigeos · 190,716 Views