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The Darkest Fortnite Secret Epic Will Never Explain

Published on 04 Nov 2018 / In Gaming

This is the greatest dark secret about Fortnite Battle Royal that will NEVER be revealed

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Hearing a new Fortnite theory is a fairly common occurrence. A new Fortnite secret can show up once a day, and Epic Games is counting on the players of this popular game to keep up their interest, and keep coming back to play. Fortnite Battle Royale is obviously a massive game and it seems almost impossible to hide a secret for more than a few days. But there is a mystery that most people haven’t considered: the Fortnite Battle Royale plot! That’s right: the Fortnite plot has never really been explained, and it is a mystery as compared the Save the World. Could the entirety of Fortnite be a simulation? Why are all the players so happy on the battle bus? Epic Games has NO plans to tell us what the REAL Fortnite story is, so for now, TheGamer has the Fortnite lore you need...


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Wes Beach (@MrWesBeach)

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