Lift Your Legs Up for 15 Seconds, See What Happens to Your Body

Published on 16 Dec 2018 / In Health

Doesn’t it feel like 24 hours in a day seem to be getting shorter and shorter? No, our planet isn’t spinning any faster, we’re just getting busier! Keeping up with your school, work, and home responsibilities means there’s no time left for you to take care of yourself. Well, don’t sweat it! All you need is 1 minute a day to totally transform your physical and mental health!

So, what does this “1 minute a day” involve? The answer is simple: just one easy-to-do exercise. No, it’s not your traditional jumping jacks, squats, or planking. All you have to do is put your legs up on a wall!

Put on something comfortable 1:17
Choose the right place for the exercise 1:41
What changes in your body you can expect 2:19
Improvement in your mental health 4:51
Other benefits 7:01
Precautions 8:12

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- You’ll strengthen your leg and abdominal muscles as well as improve mobility and flexibility in your hips.
- Your blood circulation will improve. Elevating your legs like this increases the blood flow to your upper body, enriching it with oxygen.
- The 1-minute legs-up-the-wall exercise will prevent the development of varicose veins.
- This exercise will help you get rid of leg heaviness and fatigue that usually appear after an especially busy workday.
- For women who are menstruating, elevating your legs like this will help reduce the pain of menstrual cramps.
- You’ll see improvements in your digestion and gastrointestinal health. Again, this has to do with combatting fluid retention and getting things circulating in your body.
- You’ll feel more relaxed, both physically and emotionally. Putting your legs up the wall drastically improves breathing. It allows you to inhale more air, and, as a result, your breathing becomes calmer and more rhythmic.
- Do this exercise, and you’ll have no problems getting some sleep each night.
- You’ll feel a noticeable improvement in your mood. With all the physical and mental changes that come, you’re bound to just feel better overall.
- Please remember to consult your doctor first before trying this exercise, especially if you have back problems. It should also go without saying that one minute of elevating our legs per day doesn’t replace a full exercise regimen.

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