Thank You! It's been a long 2 years and some fun times, but due to lack of viewership and lack of time on my part, Vigeos will be shutting down when hosting expires in June. No new videos will be added moving forward. I did this personally to share videos with my friends, but they all have busy lives and don't really watch YouTube anymore. I work 12 hours a day now, and with no one using Vigeos, it seems like a waste of 2 hours to add all of my watched/shared videos. All of these videos are from my subscription list, or videos friends sent to me. I've added many new subscribers, and had a good variety of content, but no one seems interested, so I'll just keep building my subscription list and save time sharing videos everyday. I hope those that did use Vigeos enjoyed it while it lasted. If anyone even sees this... Sometimes I wonder if the people coming from Google... are even real. Then again are we real? What is this reality we live in really? Anyway, it's been real. Thank you for the fun times.
Vigeos 18 Feb 2019

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This Is Not A Flamethrower...
19 Dec 2018
This Is Not A Flamethrower...
Vigeos · 2,154,223 Views

Cinnamon in a Sand Blaster (Flamethrower?)

In Cool

We've received tons of comments asking us to try out cinnamon in the sandblaster, so today we're testing it out, along with two other known flammable foods.

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This Is Not A Flamethrower...
19 Dec 2018
This Is Not A Flamethrower...
Vigeos · 2,154,223 Views