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Harbor Freight ENGINE SWAP in a CAR!
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Is Redline Good For Your Car's Engine? Italian Tune Up

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Does The Italian Tune Up (Redlining Your Engine) Actually Work?
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Does a redline a day keep the mechanics away? The Italian Tune Up is often thought of as a solution for removing carbon from an engine, but does it really work? Looking into multiple research papers on the subject, I sought to answer three main questions: 1). What temperatures do carbon deposits form? 2). Can carbon deposits be removed from excessive heat? 3). Can engines get hot enough to remove carbon deposits?

An engine's redline is the highest speed it can safely operate. At this engine speed, you'll generally be at higher loads, and the stress and strain on the engine is high. Cylinder temperatures increase with the production of more power, and this heat can have effects on the engine internals. Is it enough to remove carbon deposits? Check out the video to find out!

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Harbor Freight ENGINE SWAP in a CAR!
22 Feb 2019
Harbor Freight ENGINE SWAP in a CAR!
Vigeos · 2,526,434 Views