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Can a Lego Pirate Ship Survive a "Storm in a Box"?
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How to Survive a Fall from Height When It Seems Impossible


Is it possible to survive a fall from heights? It’s probably no secret that 3%–5% of people all over the world suffer from an acute fear of heights. As for the rest of humankind, it’s not an overestimation to say that for most people, falling from a big height is one of their worst nightmares. But you might feel better if you learn that there are some tips to survive even this extreme situation.

Serbian flight attendant Vesna Vulović made the Guinness World Records after surviving a fall from an incredible height of 33,333 ft without a parachute in 1972. She had several broken bones but made an almost complete recovery. Actually, the fact she lived was pure luck. But if you combine your luck and your knowledge of the following tips, you might end up as fortunate as this woman.

Suppress your panic 1:18
Position your body in the air correctly 1:50
Try to direct your fall either toward a wooded, snowy, or marshy area 2:26
What to do if you're going to land on the water 3:45
Remember the landing stance of a skydiver 4:28
Cover your head 5:05
Some examples 5:28

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- First of all, focus on your breathing. Inhale through your nose, and exhale through your mouth. This will help to clear your mind. Only if you manage to calm down will you be able to find a way to survive.
- You can slightly slow down your fall if you manage to position yourself flat in the air. To do this, spread your body out so that it looks like the letter X. Your body should be in a horizontal position, and your front should face the ground.
- You can slightly alter the direction of your fall. To steer right or left, you need to lower your corresponding elbow and lean to the side to which you want to turn. To move forward, position your arms at your sides, and straighten your legs. If you have to move backward, push your arms forward, and bend your knees.
- If you realize that your free fall has brought you toward a body of water and that's where you're going to land, immediately rearrange your body. Position yourself vertically, and tighten your muscles.
- If you see that the ground is close, adjust your body in such a way that you'll land on your feet. That's the landing stance of skydivers. Your feet should be pressed to each other. Prepare your knees and hips for a strong impact.
- The most vulnerable parts of your body are your neck and head. Spinal cord and head injuries are usually life-threatening. That's why when you hit the ground with your feet, try to roll forward. This movement will help you cushion the blow.

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Can a Lego Pirate Ship Survive a "Storm in a Box"?
Vigeos · 146,000 Views