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Candle Wax to Loosen Rusty Nuts a Myth or Hack? Let's find out!

Published on 08 Nov 2018 / In Interesting

The Project Farm Channel strives to achieve excellence in testing products and different strategies to work smarter, not harder. No hidden agendas, nothing to sell and no sponsors to please. So, is the use of a lighter and candle wax an effective strategy to remove rusty nuts and bolts? You've probably seen videos on YouTube using this approach, but where's the proof that it actually works? In this video, I use 3 different tests to measure the effectiveness of using candle wax and a lighter/propane torch. In one test, I compare a penetrating fluid against candle wax. I am not sponsored by Seafoam, Liquid Wrench, the maker of the candles, the lighter or propane torch I used. I buy all products shown in the video and am not sponsored at all. Hope you enjoy the video! Thank you very much for supporting the channel by watching the commercials and through Patreon support.

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