Top 20 Weirdest Toilets Ever Made

Published on 28 Nov 2018 / In Weird

The toilet is the last frontier for oddity and absurdity. Some plucky inventors and designers have made them wackier, stranger, or more unique! Here are 20 of the weirdest toilets on planet Earth.
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Be Amazed by these weirdest toilets! Toilets Shaped Like People - ladies, we know you like to go to the bathroom together. Interactive Video Game Toilets - Using a urinal is a complicated bit of social etiquette. Thermochromic Urinals - Writing your name in the snow is so old fashioned. Jet-Fuelled Outhouse - Good luck getting in line for this bathroom. The Diamond Toilet - Who says using the toilet can’t be a luxurious experience? Fish ‘n Flush - For those who like to keep pets, perhaps this next one is of interest. Twodaloo - Here’s one for the couples among you: why should you be apart from your loved ones, even while in the bathroom? Modern Toilet Restaurant - Finally! A restaurant that can make you feel like you’re having dinner in the bathroom section of Home Depot!

The Most Advanced Toilet In The World - If Apple made an iToilet , this would probably be it. Iceland Toilet - For those who like a poo with a view this toilet , which can be found in Mývatn, Iceland. The Urilift - You’ve heard of pop-up restaurants, but what about pop-up toilets? Crane Toilet - Port-a-potties are a regular feature of construction sites but getting to them is easier for some than others. Egg Toilets - Sketch is a self-described ‘artist conceived gastro-brasserie restaurant’, which is fancy-speak for ‘they make expensive food’. NASA’s Space Station Toilet
Due to the forces acting on their bodies, most astronauts have to use the bathroom within 2 hours of taking off. But it’s complicated to do this in space. Golden Toilet - President Donald Trump is a fan of glamor. Chongqing Toilet Complex - Ever wanted to spend a day in a bathroom like it was an amusement park? Tuba Toilet - These musical urinals can be found in an unassuming pub in Tycehurst, in the UK . Lip Urinals - For fans of the Rolling Stones, these lip urinals can be found in a garden center in Dartford, UK. Vertebrae Toilet - Designed to resemble a spinal column, this vertebrae-inspired toilet contains everything you need in one tower design. Inax Satis - No, it’s not a magic chant that conjures some sort of toilet God, the Inex Satis is instead one of the most cutting-edge toilets in the entire world .

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