Thank You! It's been a long 2 years and some fun times, but due to lack of viewership and lack of time on my part, Vigeos will be shutting down when hosting expires in June. No new videos will be added moving forward. I did this personally to share videos with my friends, but they all have busy lives and don't really watch YouTube anymore. I work 12 hours a day now, and with no one using Vigeos, it seems like a waste of 2 hours to add all of my watched/shared videos. All of these videos are from my subscription list, or videos friends sent to me. I've added many new subscribers, and had a good variety of content, but no one seems interested, so I'll just keep building my subscription list and save time sharing videos everyday. I hope those that did use Vigeos enjoyed it while it lasted. If anyone even sees this... Sometimes I wonder if the people coming from Google... are even real. Then again are we real? What is this reality we live in really? Anyway, it's been real. Thank you for the fun times.
Vigeos 29 Oct 2018

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22 Feb 2019
*SUPER OP* DRIFTBOARD TRICK! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #476
Vigeos · 1,778,199 Views

Wheelie Gone Wrong: Fails of the Week (October 2018) | FailArmy

In Weird

Happy Friday! It's time for Fails of the Week! Today we have a wheelie that didn't pan out, a runaway segway, and more! Submit your videos to


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Guy Fails to Leap Across Water Between two Docks
Girl Busts Nose While Riding Scooter on Street
Guy Drops Girl While Doing Dance Lift at Wedding
Woman Spooked by Co-Worker Recording her Sneakily From Behind
Wheel Pops Off Bike During Wheelie
Couple Falls Over While Attempting to Kiss During Bike Ride
Dad Snaps Rope Swing
Grandma Drops Birthday Girl's Cake
Kid Pranks Man by Shoving Dandelion in his Mouth
Woman Hits Head on Glass Door While Trying to Sneak Out
Guy Faceplants to Ground While Backflipping off Pull-Up Bar
Guy Falls to the Floor While Trying to Backflip Onto Bed
Gasoline-Doused Pile of Leaves Explodes While Setting on Fire
Lawnmower Overturns With Rider While Sled-Pulling
Guy with Beer Crate Falls on His Skateboard
Kid Faceplants After Attempting to Ride Caster Board Down Slide
Australian Boat Capsizes in the Middle of Storm
Dog Runs into Kid and Knocks Them Over
Uncle Kicks Soccer Ball into Kid's Face
Guy on Ladder Slips and Breaks Arcade Machine
Dad Tries to Remove Jenga Block with Karate Chop and Fails
Guy Flips his way Down a Sand Dune
Sorority Sisters Get Jump Scare Pranked
Man Walks Through Floodwaters to Get Pizza
Guy Does Hurdles Over Clothing Racks at Mall
Cat Pulls Dog By the Shirt
Motorcyclist Pulls Wholesome Prank on Driver
Kayaker Nose Dives Into Water While Launching off Bridge
Man Scares Girlfriend onto the Floor
Guy Loses Runaway Segway on Boardwalk

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*SUPER OP* DRIFTBOARD TRICK! - Fortnite Funny Fails and WTF Moments! #476
Vigeos · 1,778,199 Views